As time goes by, as we go older and furrier, there comes a time when the list of bookmarks held on your browser exceeds the patience (and screen length) of any sane human being. When that time comes, one must index these and plonk them on a web page to have more control over what one wishes to see. That time has come, and to be perfectly honest, was one of the driving forces behind establishing an on-line presence. You might argue that browsers provide mechanisms for managing these bookmarks (or 'Favourites' as some people call them), or that these can be kept on a local disk. BUT, if I were you I wouldn't complain, as this list contains some choice sites, all of extremely high quality and packed with information. As with all links, there is a tendancy for these to disappear. If you have any problem with any of them, just let me know, so I can clean up the list.

My Other Sites

Information Sites

Coding Resources

Webmaster Resources

Security Resources

Job and Career Sites

Impressive Sites

Fun Sites

Friend Sites

  • Andara's Oasis - Best information site for Legend related items. Includes link to LegendDb
  • Brian - Don't you just love the design on his site. Simple but effective.
  • Ellis - Green-eyed, almost blond GeekNews bouncer
  • Kleve - LegendMud mate and work collegue
  • Lega - Greatest guitarist in Malta .. but should we call him Dr. Lega ?
  • Parrilyn - Parri and her pottery pages
  • Stanley - Learn more about him here
  • SteveH - Steve - the one with the H
  • Vince - Long time pal. Spent long long hours on LegendMud together.

Maltese Sites

UK Sites

Finance Sites

E-Commerce Sites

  • Computer Gear - The definitive source of gadgets and computer gifts
  • Computer Geeks - Geeky T-shirts galore
  • Ebay - If you broke it, lost it, need it cheap or just can't find it anywhere else, find it at here!
  • - Lotsa lovely T-shirts
  • Think Geek - Lotsa Geek stuff, T-shirts, gadgets etc